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Born in Portugal, AnaRosa was three months old when her family moved to New York.  
Her creative spirit illustrated itself early on by means of drawing, painting, and writing.
Her talents and dreams were encouraged by those around her who noticed.  
AnaRosa's passions have always been animals, art, literature, and music -- all of which today play
a significant role in the themes she is renowned for using in her artwork.  
An old-soul with an optimistic and playful disposition, she is a true romantic who draws from real
life events, emotions, dreams, and the mystical realm for inspiration, producing works of art filled
with timeless characters that are lively and sublime, and honor the human heart and spirit.  
Her artwork is truly representational of who she is and the people and things that inspire and
captive her.  
AnaRosa's paintings are in private collections around the world.

Click here to visit epiphaniart.com  

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Queen Klutz: The Misadventures of a Very Clumsy Woman

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