These pictures were taken from my TV.
Click for larger image.
This story aired several times on WDAF TV Channel 4 in the
Kansas City Metropolitan Area.
This is the reporter who interviewed Sandra.  Her name is
Tess Koppelman - she's a sweetheart, so kind and caring.
We would like to thank Tess Koppelman and WDAF TV Channel 4 for doing this story,
and for highlighting Sandra's website and good work.
Here are some doggies being rescued.
Noah's Wish Volunteers
Here are the Noah's Wish volunteers in action.
2nd Chance
2nd Chance
Sandra explained her work as an animal welfare advocate.

She is very shy and requested her face and last name not be
shown on the internet.

Love you darlin', would never do anything to hurt you.
So I "painted" over her last name with an imaging program,
and covered her face up with a picture of Susan Lucci from
All My Children, because I know Sandra is a fan.  

This will make her laugh.  
She deserves to laugh, she has worked so hard.
Noah's Wish Animal Rescue
We sincerely appreciate everyone's support for Noah's Wish.
Thank you!
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