Open your  door to the
internet universe!
We are web designers ready to help you promote your business or non-profit organization on the
internet.   Now you too can finally have a custom and affordable web site to either sell your products
on-line or simply to advertise your business and generate new customers.

Our goal is to serve your needs by creating an inviting and easy to navigate website, at a very reasonable
price.  Having a professional presence on the internet has never been easier!

Our sites are designed so that your visitors instantly understand the purpose of the website and can
navigate the website without confusion or dead ends.   

We can help you:

Generate new customers

Announce special events

Provide driving directions for customers

Promote your products and services

Sell products and services

Keep your business competitive

One basic page can serve as a cyber-billboard, exposing you to millions of internet users every day, 24
hours a day, and can be an excellent tool to inform and communicate information such as your purpose
or product, hours of operation and location.  

A Sub-Domain can serve this same purpose, but is hosted here under our domain name with your
business name secondary. Because we do not register your domain name, this is less expensive, but
less personal.

Two - three pages can allow you to expand with additional details, pricing, and photos or graphics.

Multiple pages can showcase different specialties, departments, or products.

An on-line store can manage an entire catalog, handle e-commerce with online shopping, answer
requests with online forms, or other options.  Contact forms will help you collect information from your

No other medium offers a digital tracking system - a system that tells you exactly how many people have
seen your site.  In Search Engines and Directories the customer is searching for you.

Where else can you get such a cooperative and interactive audience for just a fraction of the advertising
costs of traditional media?  If you want to expand your business horizons, DigitalDoorway can help you do

Q.   Why go to all of the bother of acquiring a business website?
A.   If you want to know what the rush to advertise on the Internet is all about, just call your the local yellow
pages, newspaper, magazine, radio, billboard, or television media.  

Ask for the price of a full color page.  

Ask for the price for four pages.  

Ask for all day, every day visibility.

The cost is up to 2,000% higher than the Internet, no matter how you figure it. Plus an annually published
book can't be updated regularly, or tell customers about special promotions.

Q.  Will I need any special knowledge of Internet or web technology?
A.   No.  No special computer hardware or software required either.  It's as simple as e-mail.  We will do
all of the technical work and maintenance for you.

Q.  Why should I pay for a domain name?
A.   If you want an above average number of visitors, people who are looking for your product or service,
then you need your own domain name.  Having a sub-domain is often a first step, a way to, "test the
waters" of having an internet  presence  -  at a lower cost.

Q.  Will I have any control over the content of my website?
A.   Yes. Your professionally hosted business website is a place where you can control the content
because we encourage co-management. We are your sub-contractor and as such will collaborate with

Q.  Can I afford it?
A.  Our plans are designed to fit any business budget.  Pricing is listed with the descriptions of each
package.  If we perform a consultation and do preliminary research and web design work for you, and you
decide not to choose our company as your designer, there is a flat $150 fee for our time and effort.

We also offer directory advertising on the Grain Valley Local Area Directory Information pages, starting
as low as
$5!  Visit us at: Digital Doorway Network Internet Advertising
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