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When you are in business today, a web site is as important as an ad in the Yellow Pages - and much
more affordable!  Plus there is no waiting period for the next annual to be published.  

You can be available to your target group within a week!  With a web site, you've got access to millions
of potential customers around the world.  It's like rolling out a major advertising supplement, marketing
brochure and mail order catalog in one easily updated package - and all without printing, postage or
phone costs!  According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, internet traffic is doubling every 100
days with more and more consumers buying computers and using the internet for a variety of reasons,
from specific or informational research to shopping.

Internet shopping is the 21st century's answer to the catalog shopping of the past.   From the
unavailability of products close to home, to the convenience of not having to fight crowds, many more
people are doing their shopping using the internet.  Local businesses have a tremendous advantage
of same-day service!   Contact us today to provide your business with an affordable website design.  

Make Money Online
Do you need a website that will generate your business money online?  DigitalDoorway can design
websites to enable your customers to purchase your products or services from your website.

Generate Sales Leads
Forms placed on a website allow you to collect information from potential customers and clients 24
hours a day. Would you like a newsletter, online brochure, postcard mailing, or e-mail marketing?  We
can do it!

Customer Service
A website is a vital part of business in the 21st Century.   Show your clients that your business or
organization is progressive and easy to reach any time of the day or night. You can put  general
information that potential customers and clients will need, including directions, contact information,
product or service information and more.
Many businesses are realizing that it is necessary to have a website for their business or organization.  
Millions of internet shoppers use the Internet to find services and products everyday.

Initial setup for any website includes:

Discussion of your design ideas, acquisition of logo and graphics

Determination of your needs - whatever you want, from a single descriptive page all the way up to a
multiple pages, or even an online store featuring a large inventory catalog with shopping and online
payments accepted.   If we perform a consultation and do preliminary research and web design work
for you, and you decide not to choose our company as your designer, there is a flat $150 fee for our
time and effort.

Build webpage(s) complete with logo, text, graphics and navigation.  Optimize coding for search

Preview work for approval

Domain registration

Publish to World Wide Web

Set up business e-mail

Do regular updates and maintenance
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