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Store  $499 set-up fee  
$100 per month hosting/maintenance  

If you're ready to start selling online for the first time, Merchant Starter offers exceptional value and the
supporting resources you need to achieve your goals and succeed.

With Merchant Starter there's nothing holding you back:

Low-risk pricing.   For a $499 set-up fee and just $100 per month, you get a complete e-commerce
solution plus Web Hosting, Professional Business Mail, a domain name, and more.  

Business-Branded Domain and Email
Merchant Starter enables you to improve your communications and project a more professional image
with a company domain name (like, matching Business Mail addresses
(e.g.,, and 25 MB of email storage per account.  

Powerful Inventory and Order Management
Merchant Solutions gives you end-to-end control of your catalog of products and the order fulfillment
process.  With the built-in Catalog Manager I can organize and oversee all the products available in
your store and easily track inventory details (for example, know how many Men's Extra-Large Blue
T-Shirts you have in stock and when to reorder).

Quickly set up your order management system that lets you:

Display a customer-friendly shopping cart and checkout experience.

Offer a choice of shipping methods (ground, air, overnight, etc.) and payment options.

Set shipping and tax rates for automatic calculation during the order process.

Provide excellent customer service with automated order confirmation and order status e-mails.

Process orders (authorizations, voids, refunds, and holds) issue credits.

Instant Payment Processing
You can offer the convenience of secure, instant online payment processing.  We can set up a
free PayPal account for you, which can provide you with secure online transactions.

We will manage all of your online commerce; all you have to do is give us
the product information.
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